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Customer - Kelly MB (August 2020)

Customer - Kelly MB - August 2020

Amazing service by Loz to quickly get us the amazing print we were after.

So nice to experience great customer service as well as a great product.

Thank you so much and we will be back for sure

Customer - Lisa N (June 2020)

Customer - Lisa N - June 2020

I was after something special for Fathers Day.

They responded really quickly to my message and contacted the artist to see if they had something I was after.

Super pleased with what I received. Highly recommend.

Maria D

Customer - Maria D

What a beautiful website!

The products are displayed in an elegant yet rustic style, well priced and certainly worth taking a look 

The Captain's Club Hotel & Spa

Captain's Club Hotel - Tim Lloyd - Managing Director

Well it has been over a year since we welcomed "The Little Craft Shack" to showcase their products and sell through "cabinets" at the hotel. 

Since then we have built up a solid working relationship and what they display appeals time and time again to guests, whether they be residents or locals.  In fact people return time and again to pick up special gifts that are not necessarily available on the high street. 

We value their professionalism, the fact that they listen to what is required and the fact that they keep the gifts offered fresh and up to date at all times.

We cannot recommend them enough.

Tim Lloyd – Managing Director – Captain's Club Hotel

Jane - Hengistbury Head

Customer - Jane, Hengistbury Head

My husband and I are great fans of the little Craft Shack and we have bought many of their products.

I particularly love their driftwood pictures. I have 6 of these and a set of beautiful blue glass coasters.  All their products are of the highest quality and look amazing.

Their service is second to none. The team are prompt, reliable, professional and extremely friendly. 

Great products provided by great people.

Jane, Hengistbury Head. 

Wendy Brown Art

Wendy Brown - Artist

I am so delighted to be one of the artists represented by The Little Craft Shack.

The ladies who run it are professional, friendly and helpful and have enabled me to sell my work in so many outlets that I wouldn't have reached without them.

Displays in outlets are beautifully presented and stock levels are managed by The Little Craft Shack. I am always promptly notified of any sales both through outlets and through their website, thus enabling me to be at my art table getting on with being creative. Fabulous!

Wendy Brown Art

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