skinny summer

I have worked as a glass artist, focussing on using rescued and recycled glass for over fifteen years. I am passionate about working with glass - on reflection, I'm fairly sure that the slight element of danger has something to do with this! I work mostly with reclaimed glass, broken greenhouse glass, glass from picture frames and indeed pretty much any odd bits of glass I can recycle! My favourite finds are the fabulous gems of colour that you spot amongst the sand and pebbles at the seaside - the irresistible gleam and sparkle of Sea Glass! The wire within my work is mostly from my local car stereo repair shop, old wire looms from cars and scrap cast-offs from electricians. All of it needs to be stripped from the rubber casing before I can use it.

More recently I have rediscovered my passion for printmaking and have created a series of monotype originals using hedgerow finds, beach debris and rescued treasures -  these are often printed on recycled paper or packaging and sometimes incorporate a verse, prose or quirky phrase. These originals along with cards and postcards of some of them are now available.

Each piece I create is unique, an exploration of colour and form, the colours working each time in an unusual, unique and fabulous way.

Kate Osman - Variants

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