Would you like an online shop?

Do you want to reach more potential customers?

Would you like to be part of our community of select creators, artists and designers and join a fresh, British community which is growing organically and strongly supports handmade?

We have

  • NO membership fees
  • NO monthly fees
  • NO upload fees
  • NO offsite advertising fees
  • NO additional payment processing fees - we pay this for you in our commission 
  • NO contract fees
  • NO hidden costs and NO nasty surprises

You know exactly how much you pay. No sale means no costs. You only pay a small commission on successful sales. After we have set up YOUR shop, you will have a FREE online presence where you only pay a small commission on successful sales.


Think The Little Craft Shack may be for you?

The Little Craft Shack is a Dorset based online marketplace. We simply LOVE handmade and we LOVE coastal.


What do YOU have to do?

  • You simply click on the button above and fill in the "Register to become a Vendor"  We will then be in touch.
  • We curate our website and select those who fit our brand, so as not to saturate our website with similar products. Not all registrations will be successful.
  • We will then set up your shop ** ( there is a £20 one-off charge) and create your own custom URL to share with your customers.Your customers will also be able to find your shop by simply entering your name into the website Search Box
  • You manage your online shop with us
  • You continue to market your products and drive your own sales, as you would with your own online business - its your shop.
  • You let your customers know that you have a shop with The Little Craft Shack
  • You must have valid PPL Insurance
    • you agree to our Terms of Business
    • you keep photos bright and appealing and of the required file size - after all, it's YOUR shop window.

 And you pay:

  • no website fees
  • no membership fees
  • no upload fees
  • no offsite advertising fees - Yes, we will tell our 2K+ social media followers about you after set-up & when you link to us
  • no payment processing fees

..... you only pay a 15% commission on successful sales

Payment processing fee charged to us are included in our small commission; so whether the customer opts to pay via PayPal or use another payment processor at checkout, it makes no difference to you.

THE LITTLE CRAFT SHACK is a British online marketplace with an ever-growing community of independent designers selling beautiful, handmade gifts to UK customers through their own online shop, under the umbrella of The Little Craft Shack website.

Unlike some other online platforms, we curate our website so that the gifts offered to our customers remain of high a quality and a diverse range; both to offer our customers truly special gifts and to not saturate our website with similar products (to keep it fair for you)

This also keeps our website looking bright, sunny & fresh.

With this in mind, if we feel that your gifts are not suitable for our website, there is a chance that we may not further process your registration. We will explain our reasons to you after registration.

We love handmade, creative, quirky, inspirational and unique products so if this is you, we want to hear from you.

So now you have found our website, if you are interested in joining our talented team, simply click on the button and register.


We will be notified of your registration and then be in touch to set you up **

** Set up package

  • We process your registration
  • We set up your brand and shop
  • We create your custom URL
  • We create your first listing
  • We add SEO meta data
  • We create a post for our social media page so our followers can meet you  
  • They charge to set you up is £20 which is a one-off payment


A little about us

The Little Craft Shack is primarily (but not solely)  an online business based in Christchurch, Dorset; a historic town near beautiful beaches on the edge of the New Forest National Park.

We curate the Art & Craft at select local events & festivals.

In 2019 we curated the Arts & Crafts at the first Burley Festival (in the heart of the New Forest) and the prestigious Highcliffe Food & Arts Festival. The Little Craft Shack put the Arts into the Highcliffe Food Festival and are now proud to be the only curators of Arts & Crafts at the (now renamed) Highcliffe Food & Arts Festival.

We are always happy to answer any queries and can be contacted directly.

We pride ourselves in the level of support we offer our sellers and customers.


Your "Little Craft Shack"

You will have your own online shop with your own custom URL under the umbrella of The Little Craft Shack. 

You will have access to your own Vendor Admin area (password protected) where you can keep track of sales, print Shipping labels, invoices & Compliment Slips to include with your deliveries.


Why Us?

We get your work online at the fraction of what it would cost to set up your own website.

  • There are NO membership costs.
  • There are NO contracts.
  • There are NO hidden costs
  • There are NO offline ad fees
  • There are NO additional Payment Processing fees on sales

We simply operate on a commission basis. We deduct 15% from successful sales. You don't need a calculator app to work out how much money will be in YOUR  pocket.

Payments on successful sales are processed by us and paid directly into your account by BACS after the standard Statutory Returns period.



We would love to hear from you,

Loz & Kat @ The Little Craft Shack


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