Are you looking to be part of a new online platform for select crafters, artists and designers ?

Then The Little Craft Shack may be for you.

The Little Craft Shack is a new online marketplace with an ever-growing collective of select Artisans who wish to sell their handmade gifts.

Why do we select?

Unlike some other online platforms, we hand select our gifts. By doing so, we aim not only to keep quality high, but we endeavour not to offer gifts that are too similar to each other. We love creative, quirky, inspirational and unique products.

We are always happy to answer any queries and can be contacted directly. We pride ourselves in the level of support we offer our sellers and customers.

We are always looking for independent crafters with beautiful handmade crafts or artwork to add to our collection. So if you would are interested in joining our community, please follow these 3 simple steps to have your gifts viewed by us:

  1. photograph your work against a light or white plain background
  2. write a few lines about yourself and your products
  3. send both of the above to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Little Craft Shack is primarily a web-based business based in Christchurch; a historic town near beautiful beaches on the edge of the New Forest National Park.
However, we do retail select pieces from our collection, subject to conditions, at local retail outlets and at select local events which sets us apart from many other online marketplaces. This places your work on the High Street where customers can purchase directly. Have a look at our Stockists Page.

You would need to be fairly local to Dorset to have your work considered for outlets.

Why Us?

There are currently no membership costs.

There are currently no administration fees.

There are no contracts.

There are no listing fees.

We simply operate on a commission basis.

Payments on successful sales are processed immediately and paid into your account after the Statutory Returns period.

Our commission absorbs all transaction processing fees so there are no additional hidden costs.

Print Shipping labels and invoices from your Vendor Shop to include with your deliveries.

Your customers can find you easily by entering your name in our search box.

The Little Craft Shack will market the collection through our website, select retail outlets, select local events and social media.

Local Events we attend can be found on our Events Page and on our Facebook Page.


Interested? Contact us

Simply follow the 3 steps above with your selection.

We will take a look and get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you,

Loz & Kat @ The Little Craft Shack


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